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Practicing Qigong Five Errors

Practicing Qigong five errors
Qigong has many puzzling puzzles and fascinating illusions, if you do not understand the truth is often misleading by the illusion, and the specific function of association together, Qigong entry.
1 sense of gas: the sense of qi is practicing Qigong must be the phenomenon, I used the outside air in others who have done a lot of exploration found that the feeling of cold and hemp is always in the lack of gas and low immunity, usually or more Or less always some abnormal feeling, make up gas after the gas immediately disappeared, such as inflammation of the reaction of the external pain in addition to a variety of discomfort, the most common feeling of heat. I explore the conclusion is: the sense of the body is a reflection of the body, each of the different physique, blackberry is also different, practicing Qigong do not have to pursue the same sense of gas and others. With the improvement of physical fitness also followed the change, from time to time change, so the feeling can only feel, rather than the pursuit of the goal.
2 gas excitement: When practicing Qigong who take a lot of gas, due to the nervous moment by a lot of gas stimulation and excitement, with light as clouds, fluttering pleasure scene; in fact, after the excitement of nerve stimulation It will gradually weaken. If you do not understand the truth, will make people misunderstood as long as perseverance to practice Qigong, you can really get rid of the gravitational pull away from the ground, resulting in speculation soaring imagination.
3 sick reaction: I use the external gas technology to explore the discovery: a certain part of the body when the gas run block, back to the formation of lesions, serious can develop chronic inflammation or other diseases; practice Qigong gas shock lesions will appear pain, Heat and other discomfort or even very painful pathological response; if you do not understand the truth will be mistaken for practicing Qigong method is not caused by the deviation. Qigong master of this kind of person will also have a morbid reaction, if you do not understand the truth mistakenly think that angry can hurt, and even think that they have special effects and complacent. In fact, these pathological reactions can be quickly removed with the appropriate technology, if these are usually do not understand what the general reaction that trick?
4 color light reaction: the optic nerve is very sensitive to the gas, the power of the optic nerve by a lot of gas stimulation will appear purple, red, yellow, blue, green, gold, white and other light color reaction, intense reaction will appear a variety of light color Cross the shine of the brilliant scenery. This scene is only temporary, the optic nerve will gradually weaken after adaptation, nor is it a healthy standard. If you do not understand the truth, mistakenly believe that what can be practiced light, Emmanuel, SG, or that can practice what strange visual function. In fact, as long as the light press the eye for a while to the eye involved, shade reaction will appear, physically weak people suddenly stood up, you will see the stars, nothing novel.
5 illusion: shine after the continued qi, it may produce hallucinations; half closed eyes can see the landscape, trees, houses, attractions, characters slowly changing the strange illusion. These phantoms from the usual storage of information from the patchwork; intense as long as the importation of induction information, induction information may soon be pieced together into a phantom, really a little heart to make things beautiful; illusion is also practicing Qigong overdue temporary phenomenon, if not understand Its truth, will be mistaken for what day eye, open eyes and perspective function.
Illusion and gas excitement at the same time there, the eyes can see the odd light wonderful scene, feel like traveling between heaven and earth, above the space above, as if the feathers immortal, forget the body where. The mind is not clear so hard to think, whimsical; perhaps many practitioners dream of the scene. However, after the excitement of stress, all have to return to reality, the poor for the livelihood of the rush, elegant for the power of fighting. The final destination is still on the loess, not the paradise of bliss. Only those who do not want to be willing to wake up with a good desire to leave this noisy world, I really do not know for its celebration or for its sorrow.
I have been in a lupus erythematosus patients done outside the gas sensor test, from a few meters outside the push hand, the other immediately felt a strong shock, and healthy people test but no obvious feeling; so alone in someone's Test, and can not determine the size of a person's skill, but after a wide range of treatment to demonstrate its technology. Qigong is also the same, each person's different physical, different reaction, the feeling of experience is different, alone, a person's experience Qigong is one-sided, and only through a variety of techniques, a comprehensive summary can solve the Qigong fans.
Gas and discomfort is the lack of response to the part of the immune system, I have done a lot of outside the gas exploration and demonstration.
Qigong has so many confusion and illusion, once the speculators use, the magic power came into being, the master gods, but so --- use effect function fraud; with Qigong fans crack, more truth will Gradually surfaced.
I think Qigong is the body's potential physiological function of the initiative to play, outside the gas treatment is no exception; no matter how to try to be brave, life is fragile, it is difficult to get rid of the control of the universe. People can only under the control of the environment, adjust themselves to adapt to the environment, give full play to the function of the human body, the human body function can not escape the natural interference, to go beyond nature easier said than done. Human function can only adapt to nature, play a natural given physiological function, and difficult to go beyond nature.