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Practice The Fundamental Purpose Of Mantis Fist

Practice the fundamental purpose of Mantis Fist

The basic purpose of Mantis Fist is to cultivate the qi and to gradually seepage the body. The agglomeration and distance of the dantian gas must be in the case of extreme soft and soft, and the concentration and distance of the dantian gas produce inner strength.

Within the family boxing training is conducted on meridians and nutrients at a deeper level of human material, Mantis Fist training which is actually the whole body loosen soft training, loose and soft training practice elaboration gas, to a certain extent will be demonstrated heavy gas, gradually in the internal accumulation into an air mass, which is the essence of abdomen. It is necessary for the exercise, to be the source of the internal organs and the chi yuan, the undry of the deep, the four bodies are solid, the spring is inexhaustible, and the inner qi is so important to the health and life of people. The following points are described:

1. How does a person's internal gas compose

The inner qi of human beings is also called genuine qi, which is composed of qi, qi, qi and wei qi. Qi is the qingqi, which is inhaled by nature, which is in the heart, ascending to the lungs, and promoting the flow of the gas and the gas. The gas is the essence of the water, which is digested by digestion. It is gasified to produce blood, which can be used in the veins to nourish the whole body of cells. The gas is separated from the veins by the spirit of the valley, resisting the invasion of exotic pathogens and viruses. The meridians are the channels of qi and blood running, and the internal organs and the outer winding limbs, which constitute the inner and outer surface, are an independent system that exists objectively, and the blood flow through the meridians to the whole body.

The relationship between qi and blood

The three pillars of the human body, namely qi, blood and meridian, are like the railway. In the stable, the liquid is like food, and the air is like a train, and the feed is continuously transported to the whole body. That gas for Yang, Chinese firm has reduced to Yin and qi and blood, Yin and Yang are integrated, interdependent relationship, produce blood gas, blood, blood, therefore, yue: the mother of qi, blood, blood gas line, line, qi and blood sedimentation, hysteresis are mostly caused by qi and blood. But qi is also attached to the whole body of blood, which is called "qi is the blood house, blood can hide qi, and qi mainly." Qi and man are angry, and the angry man is ill; the angry man is dead.

From the perspective of health preservation, qi is regarded as the source of life and is the basic material that constitutes the maintenance of human life. "The beginning of life," the book says, "the beginning of life is based on the foundation, protecting it as a shield and achieving a double profit in the air and stability.

How to improve the inner qi of mantis

1. The relationship between the idea, form and inner gas

Turn the gas production, latent and travel is determined by two factors, namely the consciousness of intervention with the correct form of guidance, according to, to, strength to this principle, Mantis Fist is the practice of gas in the ideas of the cerebral cortex under the unified command of the nervous system, make whole body is in a state of extreme relaxation, as breathing well up and form a slow running, prompted the internal organs and muscle relaxation to shrink. The virtual collar of the mantis punch, the loose shoulder, the back of the rump, the neck and the back of the neck are directly related to the validity of the mantis fist. To long in the air, first of all should be correct, this means should be reserved, pine, static, and do care within, to shape, meaning there are moved, body movement, then do the action with the gas. This is the inside and outside of the boxing.