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Practice Taichi Do Not Practice Push Hands, Bailian!

Practice Taichi do not practice push hands, Bailian!

"Why learn to push hands?" Modern Taijiquan sector has a common saying: "boxing is the body, pushing the hand is used. Push hands is the test of the fist." This sentence is correct under the premise of the concept of Taichi. But in the Taichi concept is not clear under the premise that it can be a vague argument. Because this sentence does not have the exact test content, like algebra in the X, Y can be substituted into any number, this "test" the contents can be arbitrary. So, some famous "test" conclusion is that Taichi is "power accounted for seven points, skills accounted for one-third." That is, the so-called Taichi Chuan "skillfully deflected" is not there, Taichi should be "forty thousand and twice." Thus, such a famous for Mr. Yang Chengfu said, "the intention is not hard," the "test" conclusion is that "this sentence is language sick." Then, this "power accounted for seven points, skills accounted for three points" What is the difference between Taichi and foreign fist? Obviously there is no. So how about such a boxing or Taichi? So, for the relationship between the Taijiquan routine and the pushman, in the modern language, there must be a description of the exact content, that is, "the push is the test of the fist of the fist; the fist is a review of the push."
According to the Taichi boxing boxing, Taichi routine all the action is based on actual combat in the "sticky with" design, that is, each boxing are embodied "any of his mighty to hit me, The introduction of lost "; if there is a certain basis for Taichi to test can also find Taichi every boxing really have such a real effect. And "let him giants to hit me, affecting the skillfully deflected, the introduction of the fall" are embodied "self", "with people", the enemy's target is uncertain, so many of the " People move "the action can be a very wide range of changes, boxing fist should not be rigid and why the fist is why this is" Yang Chengfu "," Li Yaxuan "," Chen Wei Ming "," Fu Zhongwen " , The different factions of their own provisions of the action standards, norms. As "Young's old spectrum" said "must not have a certain shelf." At the same time, the same as "moving with the people", "self-denial", many of these actions are very closely restricted, is not self-talk to their own decision of the trajectory. Action is often high, low, left, right a little bit can not be achieved "any of his mighty to hit me, affecting the skillfully deflected, the introduction of empty", and is wrong. So, what exactly is it right? This will be the action to push hands to be tested, and then corrected. Has not been tested, the correct action is certainly not correct. Taijiquan routine action after the test, correction, action, "difficult" what is clear, and then if you can correct, "difficult" will be able to overcome, the action will be able to become "not difficult" The In philosophical language, is able to "from the inevitable kingdom into the free kingdom." With Wang Zongyue's words, is able to "from the heart" of the. This time the action regardless of the high, low, left, right will be part of the "Young's old spectrum" said "too much at the same time as", are correct. It can be seen, pushing an important effect is the performance of the fist of the actual "sticky with the" test, correction. For example, hug kneeling, pouring monkey and many other boxing style have to move back to the action, these actions should have "the introduction of lost" effect, through the promoter can know that these actions have such a real effect, The movement of the hand must have a passive movement along the center line of the chest, otherwise the action is wrong. In this way, through the hands of the test, so back to the action will be corrected.