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Practice Taichi Dizziness, Nausea Vomiting Is How The Matter

Practice Taichi dizziness, nausea vomiting is how the matter
Many people practice Taichi have had dizziness nausea vomiting symptoms, especially the elderly, but few people know that dizziness nausea vomiting is how the matter? Dizzy nausea want to vomit strict serious? Is not because Taichi is not suitable for their own Is it that leads to this symptom?
First, is the old frail or excessive fatigue barely practicing Taichi, weak blood can not be caused by the brain.
Second, there is no good power, not the head and chest of the gas into the pubic region.
Third, is the posture is not correct. Some long long head position is low, affecting the blood supply; some posture rigidity, such as the Tianzhu parts of the two tendons too stiff or practice Taichi when the head down, brow wrinkled.
Fourth, the environment is noisy, or practice Taichi distraction, or anxious to achieve the intention to keep too hard, forced to suppress distractions, intentions too persistent; also because the site is not accurate, too high or too low, such as Yin Xu Yang Kang who stick to the pubic region, it caused the positive hyperactivity on the red.
Fifth, but the body infuriating is not enough when the anxious, reluctantly intended to attract gas, the pursuit of pass three pass. Open up the governor of the second pulse, the results of the gas rose to the head does not come down, there will be the above symptoms. Too deep, too deep, without leave.
Corrective method:
1. If you find deviations, you should reduce the amount of exercise or suspend training Taichi, until the physical recovery and then practice again and again.
2. To really understand the starting and power is not optional. If not required, it will lead to bias, so to do a serious start and power.
3. To practice the Taichi to correct the posture, lift the head position, pay attention to natural relaxation, not stiff. Head with the body movement and a slight swing, the neck can not be stiff does not move.
If you want to be too strong, do not have to be forced to stop, you can temporarily stop. practice.
5. To take the breath can not be anxious to seek. Destroys the child should be patient to be full of infuriating, slightly with the idea of its natural guide, the gas will be popular, not Qiqi brakes.
6. breathing should be fine. Soft. Uniform. Long, natural passage, just to hear their breathing is better.
7. If you are practicing Taichi after the vomiting, correct the method is rubbing the labor palace, tapping the right hand inside the customs of the 100; and then rub the labor palace, beat left and right foot three hundred times. Is Zusanli.
  Taichi Gongfa is very much, but never change them. Here to introduce a simple easy to use the exercises ... ... body breathing. Can be "row - poly - refining" step in place, and then with the meaning of keeping the gas, you can easily simple Taichi entry, play sick and sick, strengthen the role of physical.
       Taichi pay attention to "body posture, breathing, thinking activities," that is, "tune up, adjust interest rates, self-aligning", the key to the body is to relax the body, to level by layer to relax; interest rate is the key to deep breathing, To deep into all levels, the general requirements of breathing into the lower abdomen, emphasizing "interest in the root"; ideas in addition to the corresponding exercises corresponding ideas, the key is not too heavy too dead, to clear the spirit of soft, meaning water.
      Practice physical breathing, both can be combined into the life, Taichi but also a separate time dedicated. If it is dedicated time, then you can use the feet slightly wider than the shoulder, the body naturally loose posture; breathing with the abdomen breathing, breathing when the lower abdomen, pay attention to suck the lower abdomen, not suck belly, chest the best ups and downs But also reduced; at the same time the idea of the body's pores open, the universe infuriating from the pores into the body, into the body, into the next pubic region; use of deep breathing, can not suck in the suction time, And then exhale; breath, the idea of gas from the pores out, shot through the horizon.