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Practice Chinese Martial Arts, Talk About Health, Gather Nimbus

Practice Chinese Martial Arts, talk about health, gather nimbus

We cultivate and cultivate Chinese Martial Arts, focusing on refining the reiki. Reiki is a kind of metaphysical root of unity, integration and metaplasia, qi, god, heart and meaning, also known as spirituality.

Practicing Chinese Martial Arts is the refining of reiki.

As Yang chengfu said, "the muscles of the muscles are all outward, the spirit of man. The land is the inside." "The spirit of man has been cultivated, and he has all his own use." The spirituality is spiritual.

Some people ask: reiki people all have, why must smelting? There are, it's just "root shoots", and it's buried in the dust. Only the refining can remove the dust and make it fresh and vigorous. However, the process is long, and the author believes that at least three stages must be experienced, namely, to clean up the clutter, to transport "six balls" and to cultivate genuine yuan. The process of raising Chinese Martial Arts is tentatively described below.

Stage 1: cleaning and training through quiet pine

In middle-aged and old friends, for example, after decades of life, physically and mentally compared to the baby's purity, prime gpi-rings is filthy, too many dust dyed, the leopard is too heavy, to Lao tze "returned to baby talk easy.

Therefore, the first stage of practicing Chinese Martial Arts is to clean up the training, and its task is to eliminate miscellaneous dyeing. "Evil thoughts" and "thoughts" are all the dregs of the impurity. To remove them, they should be clear, pure and easy.

The sages have accumulated a wealth of experience, and they have emphasized a "static" word. The great stillness is great and the little quiet is small. All clutter is cleared and cleared in silence. The heart is unselfish. The more compassionate, kind-hearted, and ashamed, the more cheerful the heart, the more comfortable, Chinese Martial Arts the more easy to rule out miscellaneous. The end of Chinese Martial Arts is excluded from the beginning of Chinese Martial Arts.

Therefore, boxing, put forward to collect is the most difficult two formulas of Chinese Martial Arts, difficult is difficult on the static and loose complicated, difficult is difficult in the "on", hands and feet together will reflect, opening and closing of Yin and Yang, movement, the actual situation of the mystery. This paper introduces the operation and method of cleaning in the case of twenty-four cases.

Here, the potential action is briefly described as two words, namely "lifting". Before lifting up and down, we must reach the "intangible, undesired and undesired condition", which is to forget, forget, and be comfortable. The average boxer ignores the "middle". I've talked about ways to remind my friends not to rush.

Ready to fully in place, then slowly lift two arms, such as hanging two balloons, and like a puppet line traction, shoulder elbow wrist carried, five fingers seemed to buckle, light spirit, look weak appearance, humility, and feel heart in a group. Then crouched down,Chinese Martial Arts wrist like cut, hands like down, the vein and posture match. In the process, the Yin and Yang changes all the way, the dust does not see its shadow. On the contrary, the practicing of the boxer is comfortable, while the heart is turning over the sea, the dust is turbulent, and then must go back to the adjustment and quiet.

As the Buddha's epigram says: "the clear pearl is under the turbid water, and the turbid water has to be clear: the Buddha's heart is in confusion, the heart has to be confused.

What is the "qingzhu" and "buddhist" of Chinese Martial Arts? It's a "quiet" space.

Stage 2: operation "six balls", pei zhen yuan

The term "six balls" refers to the testicular (female), kidney, and eyes. The operation of the six ball has its secrets, and now the method is briefly described.

In Chinese Martial Arts, the mind is in the testes, it seems to be full of holes in the shoulder hole and in the ring.

2. When the arm is moving, Chinese Martial Arts the mind is in the kidney. Hand out, lumbar kidney forward; Hand back, lumbar kidney seems to be restored.

3. The movement of the unexpected eye leads the body to flex and turn. Turn left, and look forward to the right. Upright in body, eye level; Lean forward, look down;Chinese Martial Arts Lean back and look up. According to this requirement, the guidance, operation and transformation of joint bone points can be used to operate all movements in Chinese Martial Arts training. Take the simple cloud hand as an example to illustrate its skill.