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Learning Qigong Must Master The Essentials Of Practising Practice

For a person who wants to learn qigong, in the face of a wide range of qigong work and various methods of breathing, posture, ideas of different requirements, often do not know where to start. It's a long time to learn qigong, but not much progress. What's more, there are people who are obsessed and are biased. The reason is often not a good grasp of the essentials caused by practice.

The saying goes: There is no rule savages. To learn qigong well, you must also master the corresponding rules. This rule is an important part of the practice of the essentials, its contents include Song Jing nature, the sense of dependency, static and dynamic combination, on the virtual reality, training and raising the combination of gradual progress.

The necessity of mastering the essentials of practicing exercises is that it can help the learning people to grasp the essence through phenomena. The saying goes: Taoism has 3,600 DAO, Buddhism has 84,000 Dharma method. And with the medical, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, martial and other families have a source of relations between qigong, door school and method of many, is also conceivable. In addition to the spread of the various methods of work, in recent years with the rise of Qigong fever, but also emerged many new methods of work. On the surface, each method has its own requirements for the exercise, can be described as "no law." But in essence, each method of work is composed of three elements of respiration, posture and idea, and the surface difference is only different from the specific requirements of three elements. All kinds of work methods must follow the general practice essentials, the so-called "million law return to the Pope." To understand this, we can grasp the essence of qigong through the multifarious superficial phenomena, and guide practicing practice.

Mastering the essentials of practicing exercises can also help the learning people to identify whether the work method is reasonable in the process of composing, help to avoid the abnormal effect and choose the correct work method. In recent years, many of the new work methods have been designed with some problems. According to these unreasonable methods of work, it is easy to have abnormal effect. For example, some of the work of the intent of the two feet such as stepping cotton, or regardless of the condition, all requirements of the tip of the nose, this is against the practice must be done "on the virtual" basic essentials, will make people appear top-heavy, on the virtual response. To master the essentials of Practice, we have the ability to discriminate the power method, and avoid the deviation caused by improper work.

Besides the improper work method can cause the deviation, sometimes the work method is reasonable, but the practice person does not master the practice essentials, can also cause the deviation. This kind of person often one-sided or wrong understanding practice essentials, can not comprehensively and correctly deal with the exercise when the heart and body, loose and tight, meaning and qi, moving and static, up and down, virtual and real, raising and training, and so on, to grasp the appropriate temperature, so that the practice deviation. If you start to practice the first grasp of the essentials, according to exercise Essentials exercises, you can handle a variety of relations, to avoid the deviation of training.

In short, the practice is the essentials of every beginner qigong must first learn and master the content of the theory of qigong. Theoretically has the correct understanding, is equal to grasps the correct method, in directs the concrete practice exercise to be able to receive the multiplier effect, and plays the solid basic skill. On the contrary, the study of success, success, not only because of the pointless and slow progress, the result is not easy, but also prone to adverse reactions.