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Learn Kungfu In China

Kungfu, also called Chinese kungfu, Chinese traditional martial art, kungfu is the nakedname of marital art in Chinese Qing dynasty. It is mainly reflected applications and attainments of individual in martial arts. It takes “avoid attacking” as the technical direction and the method to recognize social objective laws.

Kungfu is the crystallization of wisdom of Chinese nation. And the reflection of the Chinese traditional culture. The unique “martial culture” in the world. It demands softness with hardness, inside is outside is inside, it has both the appearance of vigorous beauty and elegant and profound connotation, kungfu also contains the understanding of life and universe of ancient philosophers. It is a valuable culture heritage accumulated over a long period of time by working people of China.

Chinese kungfu has an enormous influence in the world, in decades a large of Chinese kungfu television works has shown up including shaolin, Taiji, winchun etc. Chinese kungfu has spread widely all over the world. At present, the Chinese traditional kungfu has been fully preserved and developed throughout the country.



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