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How To Practise Wingchun Beginners

Recently some friends asked the beginner stage what to practice, how to practice, and some friends asked Ving Tsun Spring can self-study, here I simply make some suggestions, hope to some help for beginners. Ving Tsun Spring is a very important stage of the beginner stage, it can be said that this stage of learning is not good, after the study will be difficult to learn or continue to learn, for beginners (mainly refers to the beginning to learn to play before the students) I suggest: one. Have to practise more.

Two do not try radical. Ving Tsun Spring Routines only three sets of boxing, a set of cosmetics, in addition to eight knives, 6:30 stick method Two sets of instruments, short routines.

The basic methods are only booth, volts, block, bladder, tillage, binding, wax a few of the most basic techniques, seemingly simple, many people thought Wing Chun easy to learn, but do not know how to use,

After learning three sets of boxing, I thought it was getting started, practiced a few Sanshou and thought it was a break-in. Kung Fu needs hard work, Ving Tsun Spring Boxing is in Italy, not in shape, to understand Ving Tsun Spring is not 32 days. Learn Ving Tsun Spring is not 32 months can do, so I suggest beginners to learn small ideas when to practice more, this time to study the shape, learn each action, each action to do in place, as for small ideas to practice what, how to practice, these do not understand things can ask, while practicing side understanding, Many things to understand the Ving Tsun Spring Boxing Truth, and will continue to feedback back to the practice of small ideas.

So, practice is the key. After learning the small idea, we should practise turning horses, cooperating with stalls, volts, blocks, bladder, tillage, bundles, wax and other basic practices. With practice, on the one hand can even give birth to your hand, on the other hand can slowly realize waist horsepower. Ving Tsun Spring Practice to finally is two things: pine and strength. It is impossible to have a strong horse without a waist. The horse-stance must be stable first, not to mention the beating, steady after the survival of horses to practice. The pace of flexibility to hit people, do borrow, unloading, force. Horse-stance is quite difficult to practice, the first to posture correctly, in order to practice well.

To take time to hone, it is time to test your patience. Another is to practice 黐 hand more, 黐 hand is the most important basic training of Ving Tsun spring. Hand can loose, the pace is not flexible is from here to practice, beginners start learning must pay attention to the correct hand position.

The training but the position of the most people also need two or three months, which must also be under the guidance of the teacher to do a good job, if the teacher can not understand the meaning of 黐 hand, then 黐 hands become meaningless to the provocative. To some ask Ving Tsun spring can self-study friend, I say: leave scientific guidance, anything can only learn a form. I hope this can be a little help to beginners, if you are interested in the common discussion of martial Arts.