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How To Practice Taichi

How to practice Taichi
Taichi Taichi is a very popular sport, boxing soft, there are a lot of health effects, Taichi in the Taichi tutorials a lot of people welcome. Taichi pole of the pile is a lot of beginners will learn the effort, which has the characteristics of Taichi, so today's Taichi Xiaobian talk about Taichi Promise Pole practice method and some basic essentials, if the Taichi Taichi is interested Friends must see Oh!
Taichi pole pile is a lot of beginners will learn the kung fu, which has the characteristics of Taichi character, learn the Promise Pole to improve the Taichi is a great help.
Taichi sages Mr. Wang Zongyue have words "too far, Promise, static and dynamic machine, yin and yang of the mother also." Language is very general, concise; stressed that the non-polar is the source of Taichi.
For the lack of confidence, Taichi founder Sun Lutang in the "Taichi Quan," a book gives a detailed practice method, Mr. Sun Jianyun is in the "Taichi sword," a book will be the state of the search method, as Taichi practice one of the basic work.
The creation of Taichi is a combination of ancient yin and yang theory of Taoist philosophy, so its practice in the direction of a certain stress.
Starting point for the square (morning exercises can be facing the East), body upright, his hands drooping, shoulders can not force down, drooping to natural, two feet as much as possible, toes separated into a 90 degree angle. Two feet virtual collapse of the ground, the two feet do not force the deduction, two heels do not force pedal twist
Legs like straight song, body like standing in the desert. Hand, foot and no action between the control, physical and mental do not have to deliberately open and close the flexibility of the state, only its natural nature, popular.
Mind empty cave, no thought, outside nothing, stretching, forward and backward movements, no signs. Inside and outside the body of the scene, as the rain eaves water, like straight song, such as Mu as bath.
Practice Taichi must be done in advance of homework, the Taichi as a homework, so that when the mind in order to master the good, action will not have a pause.
Taiji station pile of essentials
First, the station pile can not be too low, not stiff, not trouble
Too low can not hold much time, have not found the feeling, legs have been unable to stand. Because we are not only in order to increase the strength of the legs, if simply understood to increase the strength of the legs, then we might as well to carry the barbell to do squat training. Taichi feel hard, the more heart to calm the body, the body up and down the rest of the more relaxed, the more the hind legs to pedal live strength, "that" hard to maintain calm, shape loose, face serene, is the key to practice this pile. "
Second, the station pile to pursue the overall effect, but not one-sided pursuit of the power of the legs
Our first pile of piles is to solve the coordination of the various parts of the body, that is, the whole body of the "whole" problem. In the practice boxing must be done without a move, from top to bottom, connected inside and outside, one of the key in the waist, waist like the engine spindle, all the forces are transmitted from here.
Third, to use the brain station pile, not stupid station
Taichi itself is the spirit of gymnastics, ideas first, practicing routines, the idea is mainly concentrated in the action through the connection, in the gestures of the rules and cooperation, there is no spare time to experience more things. In the station when the pile, do not move, you can have enough time to find awkward, to force.