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How To Master Bagua Palm's Eight-way Work

Eight's work is the basic method in the sand-type gossip serial palm of the late martial artist Mr. Sha. Mr. Sha a Chinese famous martial artist, Mr. Jiang Jongguo. Sand-type Eight is different from the current spread of other gossip serial palm, because it retains the traditional eight techniques, but also into the shape of the boxing of many techniques. Mr. Jiang Jongguo in the "shape of the Mother fist" wrote: "The acquisition of the shape of the Italian, to eight transfer, since there is no bias into the disadvantages, the acquisition of gossip, with the shape of Italy boxing, there are softness, the sharp can." Therefore, after the acquisition of the form of the boxing, will and eight, learning eight, will learn the shape of the fist. That is, the name of the family, but also in the form of gossip, and the call. ”

The oneness of form and meaning gossip has a long history. Sand-type Eight is a kind of excellent boxing in the door of the contemporary form-meaning gossip, and the eight-way work is the basic method of practicing this technique, and it is a single exercise method. It will be of great benefit to the improvement of the form-meaning gossip skill. I felt in one of the magical, so will be the "tiger flapping" to the vast number of martial arts enthusiasts, hope that predecessors and the same.

Preparation: Natural standing, two feet together, set up a positive posture, two eyes straight ahead

Starting: From attention posture, left half of the foot, two feet away from the shoulder with the same width, both hands at the same time, the palm facing front, finger downward. Then, the two palms are lifted up by both sides, visually above two palms. The two palms rotate at the same time, turn inward and press down on the lower abdomen before the knees are slightly bent. Movements, the two palms outward flat, so that the fingers to the front, palm facing up, while micro-turn to the right waist, both palms up at the same time. Two palms through the waist, chest to the right front out, while the right foot to the right front take a small step (figure points: (1) Natural standing, calm, breathing natural, spiritual concentration. (2) When doing the action, the hands of the natural, coordinated

The bottom of the flower: after the upper-style, left foot on the right foot before the step, toe buckle, two legs slightly bent, right turn concubine, while the left palm to the right armpit flat, left palm facing up; right palm, right palm facing outward, visual right elbow or left hand.

Main points: (1) including chest pull back, center of gravity on the right. (2) The two arms are slightly bent, can not be affixed to the body, while BA to live outside.

Tsing Lung turned: two feet do not move, waist to the left, while the left palm from the right elbow from the bottom of the upper left to wear out to the top, left Palm high and head, the right palm external rotation, left waist side. On the move, the two palms at the same time, the left palm of the center of the site;

Main points: (1) The two arms are slightly bent and the movement is stretched. (2) When the left twist waist, the center of gravity is stable.

Tsing Lung Looking back: the upper body does not move, left foot outward pendulum. Right foot forward to the left, toes inside buckle, the left foot again forward, two feet alternating circle, the number of steps can be, generally eight steps advisable. Visual left palm.

Main points: (1) Start to flat down, not to foot too high, need to grind shin. (2) The two-foot pendulum buckle must be near the circular route.


Tiger Food: (1) connected to the formula, go to the eighth step, the right foot buckle, left palm inside the head right front, the left palm facing, while the right palm in the waist, right palm facing up, waist right twist, visual left palm.

(2) The left palm inside the wrist, flexion arm to the back through, while the left leg to the left behind the step. Do not stop, the left palm facing up, along the left side of the body down to wear out, placed above the left leg, the body to the left, visual left palm.

Main points: The left Palm rotation under the need for coherence, and the pace of coordination.