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How Does The Taoist Qigong Get Started?

As the saying goes: "Wen Dao Yi, into the difficult." Many of the Friends of the practice of home qing Qiang for many years, but it has not been able to receive the desired effect, that is, we did not say that there are actually involved in all aspects of the reasons , We will come to explore, Taoist Qigong entry methods and standards and precautions. For reference.
Taoist Qigong power law is characterized by double life, in the sexual power and life have to repair the card, so here we enter the entry into two parts: sexual power and life.
So, what is the degree of hard work and life to repair it? In the Taoist health Qigong network, we have to teach the power of the pubic region as a standard practice power law, regardless of your practice is the practice of meritorious service, pubic opera or small week power, as long as the final is the return of pubic region, Of the power law, then it must be able to produce in the pubic region. Why are we so defined? We believe that the practice of those who have only correct control of the three tone (transfer, adjust interest rates, mindedness) in order to produce Dan Tian Qi, Dan Tian Qi is the body of the product through the idea of condensate, is an energy group, the real Of the life, that is, from the energy group began to carry out different methods of refining, so as to obtain health life extension effect.
Here I give an example to explain: that year had a few successful practitioners, there is a young man, very smart, contact Qigong for many years, read a lot of power, learned a lot of exercises, often Refining practice can feel a strong sense of gas, but has been unable to adhere to practice a fixed power law, pubic region empty. Another teacher sister, older, but also no cultural knowledge, but it is very positive practice, in the study class to learn the station after the work and static health work, but also not clear what is the idea, three tone, Qigong home To Mengtou bitter for more than a year, then all the body problems are cured, while the Dan Tianqi launched, automatically pass off the small open days. A gifted party exchange, they Tongzhi a rheumatoid arthritis division, first small brother hair for her treatment, see him from time to time to change the strange fingerprints, mouth also obsessed with the way, we thought that "this next There is a save, "but after the end, the little teacher knee pain is still, then the teacher who is excited (in fact, she was just know that treatment is to use the idea of the power to the people only), she privately Try to try, did not think just ten minutes, that little sister's pain even greatly reduced the degree, but also excitedly said to us: "a lump, like air-conditioning blowing in front of the feeling, straight bones, Qigong and now the whole The knee is still cool, even the place where the proliferation of how not pain. Thank you very much. Aunt. "Later, that little brother also embarrassed laughed:" There is no gas ah.
In addition, I also know a practicing small days of the law of the brothers, he refining the idea of handling a small week, every practice can feel the power of the Governor has a strong pulse, Qigong after handling a small week he also keep Pubic, and once he told me that every time he practiced small Zhou felt very obvious, but it seems that the effect is not obvious. Chat, I found him in the practice of special focus on the operation of the small week, although also nourishing the pubic region, but the degree of attention is not enough, Qigong like "fire boiled boil", then I suggested that he put the pubic region of time longer Zhou days of shortening, pay attention to cultivate Dan Tianqi, a few months later, he said to me that several illnesses are greatly improved, eat incense, sleep well. And usually as long as a relaxation, gas Shen Tian Tian immediately have a full sense of gas.
From the above two examples we can know, can not repair air mass, for Qigong health fitness has a very critical role.
In terms of sexuality, we are able to see the light as a starting point. Refining the power of the most important thing is to meditate, the heart is not yet quiet and the day after tomorrow, the state is no different, not to mention the practice, when through various practice methods, so that peace of mind, into a very peaceful, peaceful state, Free to turn, wisdom can be developed. Qigong cultivation of high-level, not gas, nor light, but heart. Tranquility is the basis of the foundation of repair. Calm to a certain extent, self will show, this is to see the light, born light, when you through the quiet practice can see the light in the power, you can say that your mood has entered the state of the initial static, entry The How did light show? It is not you think out, the idea is just a way, through a thought on behalf of million read, wait and see, silence and make self-light, this is the essence.
To sum up, how to practice Qigong to get started? First of all, we have to understand that practice is not quick, fast and shortcut to the argument, only the correct way to master, pay more time to practice is the key to entry. Here we summarize: