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How Do Beginners Practice Taichi

How do beginners practice Taichi

There are many people practicing taijiquan nowadays, and it is not only the elderly who practice Taichi, but many young people also join the taiji team. Before practicing taijiquan, you should play the basic skills, the simplest is flexibility and strength. It is to pull the muscle and exercise the leg strength. If the two are missing, learning Taichi will harm the body.


From simple taijiquan routine, such as 24 type taijiquan and 24 simplified taijiquan, it is very good. It does not move much, time is short (4 ~ 5 minutes), it is more comprehensive. At that time, when the famous family made up the routine, it was also considered that its movements were consistent with the physical exercise of the human body, which could not only get exercise but also not cause physical injury.

And then I'm going to do a little more complicated thing. Again is to practice four, five sets of boxing first do not be anxious to practice equipment, have the solid foundation, then go to practice the sword gun stick will be simpler, must step by step, cannot worry.


Buy some Taichi teaching dishes and books. Find a teacher who you think is a good practice faster. Look, watch the disc or the teacher, pay attention to the movement, track and starting position of the hands, feet and body.

More practice:

Practice boxing, practice boxing, practice to practice Taichi. As the saying goes: "the fist is not at hand", that is the truth. It used to say that "Taichi for ten years" is to call people to practice, so wushu is called "kung fu". But it won't take ten years to get it right. Now the master is much more open, not like he used to be afraid of his own job. And there are so many books. Buy a CD, want to see several times several times, very convenient. Learn some basic skills in boxing. For example, leg, kick, squat, etc. Pull ligaments and increase the strength of the lumbar leg. There is a way of saying, "it's not practice to get old."


When studying Taichi, be sure to study self-protection carefully. Before you practice, prepare for work. After practice, pay attention to do some relaxation activities. Do not push your legs too hard to avoid lacerating ligament. In practice, pay attention to the direction of the knee joint in the direction of the toes, and pay attention to the top of the knee. And some of the protective measures that everyone else has in doing other sports can be used. All in all, it's important to understand that the purpose of our practice is to strengthen our bodies, not to let ourselves be haunted by injuries.


A lot of people practice to give up half way, also not want to practice, be half way want to steal lazy. But it's not easy to pick up when you're down for a long time. Keep practicing, have time to practice, don't have time to take a little time to think about one or two moves.


In the process of learning boxing, we should constantly combine some taijiquan theory. Understand the use of the fist and attack and defense awareness, the action will be correct and good-looking, and the more interest the more. Yang chengfu's "Taichi ten" is familiar to most practicing taijiquan. It is easy to remember and more comprehensive, which tells of the important points that must be mastered and familiar in the study of Taichi, including the essential points of the upright, up-and-down and continuous.