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Have Severe Head Symptoms Should Not Practice Qigong

Have severe head symptoms should not practice Qigong
1, disintegrating neurosis type patients. It is characterized by physical sense of the main obstacle. Self-inductance "there is gas week line body", "scurrying body organs dirty, etc.", or "gas is not transferred, everywhere to break out."
And the fear of fear, or "will be eliminated", "into the gas no longer exists," and thus "live" or dying-like panic performance.
2, split schizophrenic patients. This is the most serious of a "Qigong psychosis". Can be rich as the visual, listening and other illusions and fragments of the paranoia, as well as a variety of thinking, behavioral disorders and so on.
Such patients with personality introverted, eccentric, nervous, bored with people, people are indifferent to the people, obviously out of reality and other split-like personality characteristics, a family history of mental illness. Have had had hysteria, hypochondriac personality, split personality, should be classified as taboo. In the case of
3, hysteria psychotic attack patients. Performance to "conversion type hysteria" based. Such as the crane like hand-foot dancing more than, or fell to the ground like a beast-like jump, or accompanied by laughing and laughing abnormalities, stiff dead sleeping, silent and so on. Its emotions more unstable, love fantasy, good performance drama or hysterical personality characteristics.
4, seven emotions caused by internal injuries on the gas on the red, or chill ride on the inverse, and frightened patients, gas stagnation and disorder, meridian blocked, blood and not, the organs dysfunction, easy to practice bias, It is not suitable for practicing Qigong column. In the case of
5, there are serious head symptoms. Headache, such as hoops, such as heavy objects, or a certain part of the head numb. Feeling an inexplicable heat up and down the channeling, day and night endlessly, or stay in the head, eyes, nose, eyebrows, chest and abdomen, back and so on, or flow to some points, such as the wind pool, Baihui and so on.
Tongue dry, thirsty do not want to drink, gum itching, throat with gas feeling and hanging sense, eye swelling, tears, throat swollen. Hypertension crisis patients, dizziness, dizziness, head swelling, it seems that both feet on the sponge pad, top-heavy, unsteady, torso shaking, shake to fall. All day in a drowsy, trance.
 Chinese traditional Qigong stressed that practice to cultivate, that is, to optimize people's emotions, will and character. This is both a practice to achieve good results of the premise, but also through the Qigong exercise can gradually get the direct benefits. Practice tells us that people in the Qigong into the quiet state, will experience a very pleasant and comfortable, not only the body's comfort, and the mood is also very comfortable, the whole body and mind are immersed in a detached mood.
Long-term adhere to Qigong exercise, can play a cultivate sentiment, open mind, cultivate will, create a sound personality, enhance the role of psychological adaptability. Practice can also make people feel handy, more efficient, but also help improve interpersonal relationships, improve mental health.
Qigong practice can develop people's intelligence, which in the ancient Qigong books have a lot of clear discussion. With the further study of Qigong, and gradually confirmed the role of Qigong. Through the Qigong exercise, can make the brain's fatigue faster to eliminate, so energetic, attention, sensory sensitivity, memory enhancement, thinking ability, which can improve the level of intelligence. Experts believe that Qigong may become an effective means to improve human intelligence.
Chinese medicine that people to the elderly, Yin Jing deficiency, real yuan gradually loss, the body of various functions are gradually diminished. There are some people for various reasons premature aging. Practice has proved that Qigong can mobilize and play the inherent potential of the body, postpone or delay aging, prevention of mental retardation in the elderly, improve the physical and mental health of the elderly, to achieve longevity effect.
In addition, Qigong can also be widely used in calligraphy, painting, song and dance, athletics, sports, playing musical instruments, acrobatic training and other fields, can help people engaged in these activities to enhance psychological stability, eliminate tension, mobilize physiological potential, improve its The efficiency of the activity.