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Five Key Points For Beginners To Practice Chinese Martial Arts

Now more and more people are practicing Chinese Martial Arts, and practicing Chinese Martial Arts not only enhances lung function, but also improves the digestive system and the effect is also leveraged! But you know what? Practicing Chinese Martial Arts is also a matter of caution. If you don't have complete mastery, it may not be possible to practice the exercise for a long time. What do you pay attention to when you practice Chinese Martial Arts...

1. Learn relevant basic theoretical knowledge of Chinese Martial Arts.

Fist fight: "liming fist". First before practice Chinese Martial Arts to learn Chinese Martial Arts culture background, origin, characteristics and movement rules, that is, to the whole picture of Chinese Martial Arts have a preliminary understanding and the understanding, reduce blindness, avoid hot after cold before anticlimactic, the results of the waiver.

2. Master the hand type, step type, footwork, body method and eye practice of Chinese Martial Arts.

As the saying goes, "you can't walk with your hands in your hands, and you will be covered by a cloth". You will be able to walk backwards and forwards without knowing your direction.

3. Master the basic skills of Chinese Martial Arts, basic routines, and offensive and defensive meanings.

"The fist has no work". Without practicing the basic skills of Chinese Martial Arts, I will go straight to the routine, which must be a time and a half. I can never master the essence of Chinese Martial Arts and never enter the door of Chinese Martial Arts. If you don't understand the Chinese Martial Arts, the Chinese wushu has lost its soul and lost its cultural content, fitness value and fun.

4. Learn boxing with Ming shi (a teacher with considerable theoretical and practical experience).

It is not clear that the road is clear and the road is clear, but the work is not done. Nowadays, the practice of practicing Chinese Martial Arts is as rare as the hairy one. So when we practice Chinese Martial Arts in the early must find a noble decent, have significant theory and practice experience of teacher, which can quickly master the behavioral essentials and the motion law of Chinese Martial Arts, when received half work the effect of The Times.

5. Be calm and calm. Be quiet and spontaneous.

The ability to be quiet can be understood; To be able to concentrate and concentrate. Being quiet can relax and relax. The practice of Chinese Martial Arts is a must and must not be silent.

Chinese wushu is a kind of soft and gentle sport, which is suitable for both men and women. On the surface, there is nothing wonderful about it, but it has a good effect on the healthy body. Sports and sports are on the rise and fall on average. If you have only a local fancy, you can't get the average exercise and make it incomplete.

Chinese Martial Arts in the practice of our body, it is general to loosen soft, this sort of loosen soft benefits, can make breathing naturally a lot, qi popular naturally smooth, so there are illnesses fitness effect. Its movement is to make a starting point in the static, move is static movement, although move still maintains its static, so every practice afterwards feels comfortable, very happy. This kind of exercise can promote blood circulation, strong muscle and strong bones, and have stable nerve, cultured brain, eliminate fatigue, increase the efficiency of the wisdom. After practice, there is no such thing as an asthma or an asthma attack, so there is no harm to the body. It is not only the exercise of the body that is specialized in the body of the body, but also the same day.

The movement is the same, the whole, Chinese Martial Arts first from the thought to start the waist ridge, from the waist ridge up to the shoulder hip, to drive the limbs, thus has the system has successively the whole movement. Every move, every move body is not motionless, want static all body is not static. There is no part of the body automatically, no part of the body is not moving, or moving, late, early moving. The potential of the Yangtze river is endless, such as drawing thread hanging line, flowing water flowing continuously. No protruding sunken place, intermittent, jing shu, close slowly and slowly, therefore, can make the nerve lifeblood belongs and have suitable cultivation, make blood every cell of the body such as natural play its fitness function.