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Exerting Force And Not Exerting Force Of The Xingyi

The process of the punch force:

Take the split fist as an example, starting with the triple pose. Before and after the hand back to grasp on the first half step, into the chicken-shaped step, then move forward, shun the forearm after the inside, a drill fist. This is the process of the energy, and then the foot of the hanging, step up, the front hand back down, while the back of the roll down. Sideways, hind foot cushion step, assumes three poses.

Note: Critical! Appearance can not see things, the body internal external changes: from the beginning to the accumulation of strength, speed from slow to fast, attention to loose hips, loose shoulders, the body do not shake. The strength of the moment, the body micro-beam, the center of gravity seems to sink, in fact, hip, feeling with the body of the whole leg and hip lift, the body has the feeling of internal collection, and corsets. But don't be nervous. Then move at the same time, loose hip, hard after kicking, send the body out, fall hip, (is to put up the crotch and legs on the ground, according to inertia), relax. Hands before the hand stretched, after the hands, there are before and after the force of contention, but the emphasis should be placed on the body's impact, plus the front stretch, under the power of splitting. Use your body to hit people, do not have too much action. The main is a fall, hit the strength. Vertical strength, transverse strength, must have, there is the root of the strength has not said, that is, the Shing of the strength of the open, so that the power to the hand. Then there is the Hara beam show. So that the strength of the crotch can be transmitted to the upper body. said that the crotch, that is, the belly of the bundle, put the crotch when I feel still have to some rules, not casually put. Root knots must relax the shoulders, and tuck in the void. It is best to recognize the standing pile. There is the crotch, I feel the crotch, the use of the body's inertia, the crotch thrown out on the line. Because hind legs are not pushing the body to go, the forefoot and the ground maintain a certain height, in the process of walking is loose, touch to things will be tight. It is just a matter of inertia to move forward, not to be taken, but to send it out on the strength of the waist.

About the root force: The whole body is like a train, the overall strength is very loaded, the whole body of the force is the start of the next disk, roots in the foot, hair in the legs, dominate the waist, and the line in hand! Wrap your hair before you go,

When the strength to turn, hands and feet to, head to the top, tongue to the top, the hands to the top, the teeth to buckle, the hand to buckle, knee to buckle, but also to the Liuhe, in short each dozen a punch, the main point to do, on the right! Practice split boxing, sometimes in the state, you can feel, in the fall of the hip moment, the back of a tight, and both hands by inertia an extension, a press, feel good. In retrospect, there is a strength can not be lost, that is, back by the strength of the Hangjian, the strength of the back, behind the.

Exerting force and not exerting force of the Heart Fist

The Shape Italy, the Taiji, the gossip is called inside the family fist, the shape meaning also with its bold powerfully to weigh. But in the practice of the shape of the boxing in the end is to force good or not to force good, this is also some friends to ask and concerned about the problem. A few days ago I went to visit a fist friend, his name is Zhang Xiquo, in the "public daily" work is a journalist. He graduated from Nankai University, in Tianjin, with Sun Pai master Sun Cunzhou disciple Mr. Zhang Li to learn the shape meaning. It is said that he had to Li Cunyi the descendants of the old man Han Mr. Although his age is only 40 or so, but his practice of the shape of a very good point.

Mr Zhang Xiquo the sparring. He practiced the fist quite bold forceful, the pace is also quite vigorous, exaggerated said, he practiced may be quick to the point of a fist to kill cattle.

After understanding, Mr. Zhang and the martial arts circle of Friends More, (the work of convenience gave him a great help.) He has a lot of friends, especially in boxing. Boxing's punch and pace gave him great inspiration. So he has a unique view on sparring and actual combat.

I think: the shape of the fist in the initial practice, the pile work and the work is the basic work must be hard to practice, if not lay a deep foundation, after the form and routine exercises, efficiency and performance will be affected.