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Different Responses And Treatment Of Chinese Martial Arts

Different responses and treatment of Chinese Martial Arts
In the process of practicing Chinese Martial Arts have different reactions, there is discomfort, physiological effects, psychological reactions and individual bias response, Chinese Martial Arts entry. As follows:
Not suitable for feeling: often appear in the early practice of Chinese Martial Arts, such as suffocating, posture center of gravity instability, can not easily, mild fatigue, thinking is not easy to focus or easy to sleep and so on. Principle of dealing: do not worry, have confidence, step by step. Breathe gradually elongated, deepened; groping for their own position of the center of gravity; effort as much as possible do not do too much excitement; get rid of distractions, training ideas focused on pubic region.
Physiological effects: early and during the Chinese Martial Arts can be produced. Reactions such as increased diarrhea due to increased peristalsis, increased hunger and weight gain due to increased digestive function, increased physical activity and increased bloody, improved blood circulation and systemic or local flu flu due to deep breathing exercise, and Can appear light, heavy, itching, astringent, floating, Shen, soft feeling and so on. Treatment principle: it is necessary to understand the physiological effect is good, but do not deliberately pursue such feelings, to be formed by its natural. Otherwise easy to disperse the practice of Chinese Martial Arts energy and ills.
Psychological response: that the spirit of the self-feeling, in the practice of Chinese Martial Arts can be produced at all stages. It is characterized by no organic changes, no objective signs can be checked, when the light weight, feel uncertain, and even can not tell those specific discomfort, once understood to immediately reduce or disappear. Such as conscious body full of strong white light, from top to bottom, after the whole body burning burning, practicing bad work; in the sleeping asleep state appears auditory hallucinations: gas running a meridian in the feeling is not clear; And the influence of the legend, there is bizarre feeling difficult to disappear, and so on. Principle of handling: for the reasons for these reactions, to guide the correct understanding of the formation of the reaction process, with persuasive argument, induced solution.
Deviation reaction: deviation is rare. As long as the timely correction is not difficult to lift. It introduces the causes and remedies of several common reactions:
1. Excessive breathing caused by force
Anxious to take a deep breath, deliberately pursuing its deep, long, thin, slow breathing, breathing too few, stop breathing or meditation in the pursuit of the elderly, inspiratory speed or a suction in more than two consecutive continuous suction Gas does not adapt to the physiological fake breath? Posture excessive bending affect the breathing method, the practice of Chinese Martial Arts for too long and tight clothing or not to release the belt, etc., can produce gas stuffy, shortness of breath, breathing between the compensatory depth Big breathing appears, or a brief tide of breathing, fatigue, palpitations, palpitation, difficult to static and so on, can not adhere to the end of a Chinese Martial Arts. Treatment principle: breathing from shallow to deep, step by step.
2. Posture is not correct
(1) sitting, bending, easy to air resistance, posture instability, upper body with the breath was tumbler-style shake, backache.
(2) almost sitting, buttocks too close to the back, that is sitting too close, the knee distance too close (should be shoulder width), bending, there may be center of gravity instability, backache, shortness of breath or breathing difficult.
(3) lateral, lower limb excessive bending or force extension can have poor breathing, fatigue.
3. Intentionally improperly caused
(Such as breathing with force, pillow is too low, training Chinese Martial Arts for too long, etc.), can produce headache, dizziness, irritability and discomfort The The principle of handling: two eyes light or slightly exposed light, natural and not hard; there are difficult to exclude the care, you can use different means of law-abiding or temporary power and then practice; in the practice of Chinese Martial Arts should not scratch the head , Any Governor of the second pulse should also let its natural.
4. Eating improperly caused
In the process of Chinese Martial Arts increased appetite, excessive intake of food, will cause bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, often defecation and so on. Treatment principles: not too early, excessive increase in diet, especially for the elderly and the spleen and stomach, should pay attention.
5. Physical and practice Chinese Martial Arts exercises, time is not suited to cause
Frail, sick, old training Chinese Martial Arts, such as take the station, or practice Chinese Martial Arts for too long, will produce dizziness, palpitation, fatigue, trembling, and even fainted and so on. Principle of handling: According to the specific circumstances of each Chinese martial artist, choose Gongfa and practice Chinese Martial Arts time.
6. Condition and power law is not suited to cause
(1) gastric and duodenal ulcer bleeding: not for deep breathing, so easy to cause bleeding. Should relax or breathe.
(2) blood pressure is too high, not for station work, so easy to fall or lead to higher blood pressure. Should relax or pillow pad supine work.
Some diseases in the serious illness is not suitable for Chinese Martial Arts, such as: high fever, bleeding, rhinitis, etc., should be relieved or cured after treatment, or certainly make the disease worse or hinder the practice of Chinese Martial Arts.
The above mentioned Chinese Martial Arts reaction and treatment, just an example. The Chinese Martial Arts reaction is complicated and varied, and it is impossible to summarize it in a short essay. Readers learn by analogy, correctly understand and deal with individuals in the practice of Chinese Martial Arts in the reaction, can receive a multiplier effect.