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Correctly Understand Qigong

Correctly understand Qigong
Qigong is known as China's "treasure". But some people do not really understand Qigong. Some people say that Qigong has "hard Qigong", "soft Qigong", "light Qigong", which is to play juggling mixed with Qigong; some people believe that Qigong is practicing qi; someone to practice Qigong psychic symptoms, (Such as "remote", "naked eye perspective") said to be practicing a high effort; some people believe that practicing Qigong can practice "open day", " Specific function "until immortal and so on.
What is Qigong? Simply put, Qigong is through the heart (or adjust the gods), adjust, adjust the body to exercise a fitness method. Left the "three tune", all are not Qigong, or pseudo Qigong. From the point of view of modern medical psychology, Qigong is a self-care method based on hints and self-hints in China, or a kind of self-physical and mental exercise. It must be emphasized that the mastery can be made to keep the heart, moving to practice the effect. And if mastered properly, not only can not get fitness effect, but will be biased, hurt themselves.
Practice reason why there will be deviation, Asahi, including the ancient called "obsessed" and so on, because Qigong by philosophy, medicine, Confucianism, Tao, Buddhism, Wu, miscellaneous, vulgar and many other schools merged, due to numerous schools, content Complex, and even mixed with some ghosts and feudal superstition content, need to be treated differently, and many practicing Qigong, it is difficult to really "different treatment." Moreover, the civil "gas" explanation can be experienced, can be material, there are witchcraft. "Qi" is understood to be a force with the role of the hall but can not measure the power. The so-called "gas", "outside the gas" and other "gas" argument, many people confused. At the same time, "Qigong" is often used by rivers and lakes, and become a trick. All times have deliberately exaggerated the "Qigong" magical effect, for example, that the practice of Qigong can be invulnerable, the results of misplaced.
Practice Qigong is taboo, whether you are suitable for practicing Qigong, whether you can continue to practice Qigong, must accept and seek the guidance of physicians, especially experienced psychologists guidance, do not on those who do not understand Qigong but the name of Qigong Flag of the so-called "Qigong master" when.
Qigong is a self-aligning, interest rate adjustment, as a means to prevent disease treatment, fitness extension, development potential for the purpose of a physical and mental exercise methods. Self-regulation is the regulation of psychological activities, interest rate adjustment is the regulation of respiratory movement, adjust the body is to adjust the body posture and action. This is the basic method of Qigong exercise, Qigong is the three major elements of the discipline or the basic norms.
The original Qigong no name, later part of the known as the "dance", such as "Lu's Spring and Autumn" said "bones and sagging not up, so as a dance to promote the". During the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States period, Qigong was summarized in the "guided by Rocker", such as "Su asked the different law should be" on the "impotence Jue cold and heat, the rule should be guided by rock", and scattered in the ancient works of famous Meditation, sitting forget, meditation, fetal interest rate, qi, qi, gas, week, inner alchemy also belong to the content of Qigong. As for the "Qigong" word, the earliest seen in the Jin Dynasty Taoist Xu Xun book "net Ming religion recorded," a book, even if it is later named, then the latest in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. In the Sui and Tang dynasties after the emergence of "Zhongshan jade cabinet gas service" records: "Qigong wonderful articles, air surgery slightly with the ... ...", but in the connotation of what we now say is not exactly the same Qigong. Now the common Qigong, it is in the 50's established the Beidaihe Qigong sanatorium after gradually promoted.