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Mantis Fist

The fist originated from Qing dynasty emperor qianlong. One master named Wang Lang.

It was heard that, after he failed in once mantis competition. An accidental opportunity He figured out that mantis is such dexterous and fierce while the mantis catching cicadas. That inspires him deeply. After that he catches many mantises. Watching them fighting and playing. He observes every tiny expressions and movements. Spiritually he absorbs the mantis highly centralized, and perseverance. Technically, he absorbs finesse the two forearms to hook, chop, hug, split the movements like those are not only quick nut also flexibly. The method of body skill, he absorbs lumbar movements changeable and flexible while they pitching up, bending down, twisting and rotating. The method of waking sills, he absorbs steadfast and stable while they moving forward or backward. He set those fist’ attack and defense combination up. He won the competition after long time hard training. Wang Lang kept summing up experience, drawing on strengths to make up for weaknesses, learning modestly, enriching and improving the achievements he has got, thus establishing the initial mantis fist