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Cheng Style Bagua Palm Martial Art Features

All kinds of boxing have a variety of boxing style, there are their own martial arts and boxing characteristics, style and martial arts characteristics are interrelated and complementary.

Practice eight to a palm front, a palm, head, neck twist, arm, wrist twist, waist twist, twist into a whole strength. Turn around the small tree, through the twist wrap the eight big palm, 8,864 palm ... Exercises to master the various eight, the method and the strength.

Practice eight to say "three-shape three potential", three-shaped "Walk like a dragon, move if the monkey, change the potential like Eagle", three potential, "steps such as the mud, the hands such as twisted rope, turn as grinding" to achieve the palm of the law of change, waist, such as shaft, the pace of flexibility, the whole body and the same, a move without a move as well as in order to take the air, to the gas collar, to Italy, The purpose of intense, softness and inner and outer unity. Palm method Proficient, can be straight, can be oblique, can be left, can turn right, the palm of the hand, step with the palm change, the intention to start with, everywhere change; suddenly up and down, suddenly high and low, suddenly disease suddenly Xu, flickering. Like the kites of the woods, agile and brisk, like dragon into the sea, see the first no tail. Therefore, eight's martial arts features are:

Eight law, endless.

Take the palm as the method and use it for walking.

Oblique out, get out of the shadow.

Softness, the reality is born.

Bright leg Dark leg, seven fist mutual use.

For the field marshal, the eye for the pioneer.

The Liuhe one, boldly succeeds.

The true meaning of attack and defense, all in it.

Take the palm as the method

Eight is the fist martial arts. In addition to the back of the hammer a potential, the basic use of palm. Eight law a lot: point, cut, cloud, exploration, wear, dial, cut, stop, push, hold, belt, collar, move, buckle, Diao. Drilling, sticking, sticking, connecting, following, opening, closing, splitting, hanging, tuck, bump, hook, pick, tease, copy, cover, WRAP, etc. Chengshi eight more to wear, clouds, push, bump, cut, exploration, belt, winding, spiral and so on.

1. Wear

Fingers forward, palms up, or back, or left, or right out is called "wear palm." The use of the palm is especially good. In the fight, the other side to my face, I was "wearing the palm" to greet. In the fight, I take the initiative to attack, a shot must first make "wear palm", the other side does not pick me up, the other side to pick me up. I can always use the "palm". Can be worn before, can wear after, also can insert palm, so have "immortal fear three wear" said.

2. Cloud

Palm up, to the elbow as the axis, uniform arc, with the little finger outer edge of the film hit, such as the Clouds in the sky, so named "Cloud Palm." Seemingly very troublesome, but also to draw arcs, not to delay the fighter? In fact, it is very clever, contains a lot of changes. For example, the other side push me or give me elbow, I elbow for the axis, palms up, to the other side of the neck, the other must intercept, I can turn the palm, can be cut, point, can be heavy, can be hit. If with the little finger outside the original road, back to cut the other side of the neck, the name Yue "piece Palm", also known as "Two pieces of spin".

3. Push

Palm forward, to the other chest hit or launched, the name Yue "Push the palm", the introduction of the time, the shoulder fell elbow, wrist collapse, and said "collapse of the palm." Useful, readily available, too numerous.

4. Hit

Double palm wrist together, palm forward push hit each other's palm Dharma Yue "hit the palm", or "double hit the Palm". This is the most commonly used method of eight. It is easy to use, palm power and deep, the work of the law in the "Shing Tuck" practice is "hit the palm."

5. Cut

With the palm of the outer edge up, down, left, right to stop poking the other hand called "cut the palm." If the other person's right hand to my face, I put the right palm small surround the left side. Then to the other side of the thumb back to the face, called "left cut palm", such as the other side of the left hand to my face all dozen, I have the right palm thumb to the right side of the bar, with the little finger on the edge of the other face. Name Yue "right cut palm". If the other side strikes me. I hit the top of the jaws of the other side of the elbow, called "Front of the palm", when the other side with the hands or legs to my abdomen, my palm pointing down, with the little finger or the edge of the thumb to intercept, called "Next cut palm." The "knee cut" in the work law is the "next cut".

6. Explore

Four fingers close together, palm downward, with the palm of the finger to hit each other, the name Yue "the palm." Forward the chest, ribs, face as "front of the palm", suddenly to the back of the enemy's belly hit the name Yue "after the palm." The "Temples arrangement" in Gong FA is "the front of the palm".

7. With

Follow each other to the direction of the hand to increase force, violently smoothed. Name Yue "with Palm", such as "shoplifting" and "heavy" and so on. If the use of the other hand, let its strength to guide the affected, so that its change in the direction of the attack, so that its hands frustrated, as I take, as if led to hand, the name "collar." "Walking and dressing" in the work method

For the palm.

8. Wrap

The palm of the wrist as the axis, the use of the little finger of the hook to the upward, left, right, to the transfer to the other hand or winding hand, Chengxi hit the name Yue "wrapped palm." The "Lazy Dragon Tail", "Black Clouds set Tail", "Grind rib palm" and so on are all.

9. Spiral Palm

Because of the practice of the arms of the rolling diamond, the arms will naturally produce spiral force. such as bullets shot out of the barrel, screwdriver screw screw, although with small force, but the resulting strength is very large, so that the other side by a great threat and pressure, difficult to prevent. The palm of a person's hands, palm, palm, palm, palms and so on have this spiral strength. Eight law not to stand, a crime block, others are three. The best way is to "wear the palm" to greet. Because of the time to wear out, small point on the twist, resulting in a strong spiral strength, can put the strength of the other hand to unload off, so that it produces a centrifugal force deviating from the direction of my attack, in a passive beaten position, this is the "spiral palm." The eight method always practices the spiral strength, requests always will use "the spiral palm".

In short, eight law is very changeable, too numerous.

Eight is the main boxing. Practice in a circle, "Kung Fu from a curved step", to move around, "stop is the ground flower." "Walk" is the soul of eight. But the "go" in the gossip is not to walk away, to flee, but to "use". When we practise, we walk in circles, which is to practice "to walk for use".

When the hands, we can in front of the enemy suddenly left and right to "go", the purpose is to observe enemies, in order to facilitate the attack, but also to disrupt the opponent, so that it can not catch the model, there is no place to start, in a passive beaten situation. Not around the enemy to the nursery, the enemy turned dizzy, a good palm dozen. Besides, people are not dead, can you keep circling around without moving? Some people say: Eight is to turn the enemy in order to get dizzy, it is not a joke! As the practice of eight in the walking circle to change palms, exchange footwork, resulting in flexible footwork, up and down together, conducive to "to go for use." When the other side to attack me I can suddenly left and right to attack, but also can suddenly and suddenly after the attack, you can also hit the go, when the enemy chasing, the moment and back. Mr. Cheng Tinghua said, "When you are in the hands of the enemy, or stick or go, ... Or suddenly a distance away from a Zhang, suddenly and back that is at present ... Suddenly just suddenly soft, no fixed, change contingency also.

Two, oblique out of the forward, away from the shadow

Any boxing is fastidious and confrontation, straight straight out, quick and simply, effective, eight is no exception. But eight is more fastidious "oblique out is in". "Oblique out" is the first "oblique out" to avoid the opponent's positive attack, not with the positive confrontation, with the progress, with the "forward" method to surprise the attack. This is both ingenious and labor-saving, if used properly can also play a "one star tube two" role, that is, with one of my hands, control each other two hands or the whole body, so that the other side in a passive beaten situation.

For example: The other side to me into the right step, out of the right hand hit my chest, I will be to the other side of the right foot after the left step, while the right twist waist twist, with the left forearm horizontal cover each other to elbow, that is "oblique out." At this time I am inclined, but the other side want to use the left hand dozen I have not come, this is "one is tube two". Subsequently, I to the other side of the two feet in the middle of the left, that is, "in", with the right palm to fight their left wrist, the other side must fall, the name Yue "Squeeze", also known as "the Son of the hand."

"Oblique out" is Shini's play. Must have the Palm method, the waist, the step eye coordination square to be able to work. The practice of eight around the tree, is to assume the small tree as the enemy, practice Shini, that is, "oblique out of the" attack characteristics.

Man's body and shadow are inseparable from, there is a shadow of the body. But "shadow" can not hit, off the body replaced by shadow to hit is impossible. "Escape change" refers to the eight of the changes in the very fast, as if the image of the same. Those who practise eight should have or pursue this rapid transformation. So some of the old-timers to make the other side to prevent the instant and play on the So-and-so is called "Escape change Shadow." But this method of palm must be based on the changeable Palm method, round live waist, agile step eye, the strength of the actual situation is the foundation, under the idea Commander-in-Chief, achieves the body to follow the step, the step with the palm change, the palm changes, the movement does not have the motionless realm, only then may realize. This "Escape to change the shadow" of the realm, is the practice of eight people lifelong pursuit of the goal, there is no real kung fu. So Mr. Yin Fu said: "Eight pay attention to the palm of the law to win people, the act of winning, the eye to win people, Kung Fu win" that is to refer to this.

For example: the other side of the right step, out of the right hand to me, I was on the right, out of the right hand to greet. The other side dared not stand, had to use the left hand to push my right hand. I immediately shun the direction of the force, buckle right foot, turn left back, not moving, the right palm diffuse head over, cross the chest, the name Yue "cover palm." Buckle step, twist turn back, diffuse head of the head is in an instant coherent, the beginning of two people opposite, hit each other or two people opposite, but quickly changed a body, inseparable like. So this momentary change in the palm of the law can say is not "away from the shadow"? If you want to "get away from the shadow" You must put the eight method to the palm of the hand, step with the palm change, the intention to start with the realm, so that can be surprisingly and win.

Third, softness, the actual situation is born

Eight founder of the tombstone on the Donghaichao Remember "the power of the public from the Shou, and the technology has been from the Fairy biography", "a dozen warriors besieged, all exhausted", "thereafter there is no one can enemy."

Mr. Yin Fu, the disciple of Donghaichao, has a slender figure. Called "Thin Yin", but the palm is extremely heavy, pay attention to cold, brittle, hard, fast, the eruption of Duncuo, elastic and buffeting absorption. Donghaichao disciple Mr. Cheng Tinghua, the skill is magical, the palm dint is vigorous, exquisite wrap round live, explode to tremble. Called "Supernatural spectacle". Yin Fu disciple Guitong, Menbaojin, Cheng Tinghua disciple Zhang Yuqui, Feng Junyi, Cheng, and so on, all the arms sank thick, as long as one arm a, the other side asked not move, not to mention the hand. Mr. Cheng Tinghua Disciple Li Wenbiao. The palms are pressed on each other's chest. Only 30% strength, strength to injury, martial arts people are all the monument, all praise. This shows that the most important thing is to eight the heavy palm.

Practice, when the fight is always in motion, as long as the human body's joints move, muscle contraction expansion, natural will produce force. Force has a great deal of small, kung fu has a shallow, but not without. "Italy" is the commander-in-chief, but only by the idea of a move, can be separated by a few feet or outside the people down, it is not a myth! Some people stressed that "intention does not force" refers to the "meaning" of the word, without the humble force, if the real force is not necessary, it is not eight.

Eight's strength is not the so-called stupid strength, is through a palm before stretching, a palm after the drill, twist into the practice of drilling, the stupid strength into a kind of inner strength. This kind of inner strength has just have soft, want to be soft and just, just in the soft. Because pure just not easy to change, easy to be made by people, too soft and weak. So when the hand when just just, when the soft, only softness, only to be called eight strength, just call Kung Fu. In order to be able to play in more than hand, can be, can be hair, can be hurt, handy.

"Hit" is the use of palm, arm movements produced by the natural strength, hit the other side of the skin without injury, which needs to "softness", the strength of the measured, can not be beaten through the other, resulting in internal injuries. "Turn" is soft, only the strength of the humble, become soft, can be handy, the application of the method, even with a skillful broken jack. "Hair" When you want to read the intention before, stretching the arm, the enemy hit the outside without injury inside. This depends on the whole body up and down coordination, arms in one, send the other side away. "Injury", the enemy into internal injuries, which need to play through the force, that is, "inch strength." When the strength must front foot tread, after the pedal, to walk in the leg, lift anus and buttocks, to practise in the waist, including round back of the chest, walk on the shoulder, sink shoulder fall elbow, force up to hand. "Hum" of a sound, Dantian Li hair, a kind of heavy and sudden and short of the whole body of the force burst out, hit on the other side as a shock, such as medium weight hammer, injury its organs. If the ground is double footed, the pile is like a mountain. Arms jitter, Spring force, a sudden outbreak, also known as "shaking the strength", such as the explosion of shells, injury in an instant, also known as "explosive force." Do all of the above, not under pure time, only to practice to "softness" side can.

Practice eight with your palms in front of your chest. Hand before the first hand to go to the left circle, and then to the right circle, change the left palm, change the left potential, and change the right palm, change right potential. Why is that? The goal is the actual situation, the actual situation mutually easy, makes the enemy unpredictable, conquer.

When the enemy found me at the forefoot, after the palm, to parry attack, I have changed, after the palm has exceeded the forefoot, from virtual to solid, hit each other. When the enemy found me on the right side of his body, to draw a change to attack me, I have changed the enemy to the right, suddenly left and right to the enemy elusive and defensive. This is eight. This is "or stick or go, or open or close, or even from, or top or throw, flickering, or suddenly a distance away from a Zhang, suddenly and back in the present ... Suddenly and unexpectedly. Suddenly just suddenly soft, no fixed, unpredictable also.

Eight law, endless, always embodied in the palm of the actual situation and the reality of each other easy, the actual situation, the recruitment of the actual situation between the easy, the actual situation, the strength of the actual and the reality of each other easy, actual situation. Can say eight law everywhere has the actual situation. As long as a move, there will be the reality of each other easy, actual situation. So we have to achieve the virtual reality, there is a virtual. When the virtual is empty. When in fact, the actual situation is not measured, change properly, only to mean the actual situation.

Four, the bright leg dark leg, seven fist mutual use

Eight's Leg method is many, have pendulum, buckle, kick, song, point, Collapse, turn, chop, tread, pedal, poke, cut, etc. Eight has on the next three disk Kung Fu, leg method has on the middle and lower points, plus there are left right, so 12 legs can also be called 36 legs or 72 legs, so eight has 36 leg or 72 dark leg said. The best use of Chengshi eight method is pendulum, kick, point, kick, bore, cut and chop.

1. Pendulum

With the foot facing the other side of the leg law Yue Pendulum. For example: the opponent to my chest, I put on the palm of the face, while the right leg with the left foot facing its subcostal flap. The so-called "tent legs" also.

2. Kicking

Kick the leg with the tip of the foot. This leg method is very easy, and as long as the shot at the same time secretly kicked, all work.

3. Point

Loose across the knees, to the point of the foot to the other click of the law said "dot." As if the tip of the foot has no strength, in fact, as long as the loose cross, the force will be all sent to the tip of the foot, point in the chest, can point through.

4. Kick

The foot of the heart facing the other side of the legs of the FA Yue "kick". The most useful way to kick, but also to hand out the legs, with the heart to kick each other's chest, abdomen.

5. Pedal

Foot to the outside, the tip of the foot toward the front of the body to kick the opponent's legs said "pedal", the name "front stare leg", the foot pointed downward to the back pedal "after the kick", to the body side horizontal pedal name Yue "Side Kick".

6. Cut

Foot down, use the edge of the foot to intercept each other to the legs of the leg law Yue "cut". "Cut" immediately after the horizontal kick or turn over, only a serial use, can win.

7. Cut

Foot down, with the edge of the foot to cut the other side of the abdomen or tibia Yue "cut", but after the cut must rob the other side of the door, or on the leg or out of the palm of the hit, can win.

Chengshi the veteran in the use of the rear kick, that is, "lying cow legs." Eight leg method can be used, but very few use, are with the palm of the hand of the ingenious combination of close-fitting dark hands, known as "dark legs." Sometimes one leg is used, more is the serial use. So say. "Eight nine Ganzi, the foot of the palm with remarkable magic, others only know palm palm, do not know hidden feet." ”

"Seven fist" who also? It refers to the use of shoulder, elbow, wrist, cross, knee, hand and foot. In fact, the body is nowhere to be used, nowhere to play. Head can be the top, the arm can be twisted can be broken, chest can be received can be hair, back can be hit arch, abdomen can be hit, buttocks can be put, can not be won. But it has to be close to work, how to close the body, to rely on the changes in the footsteps, that is, the so-called "step-eye win."

V. The field marshal, the eye as the pioneer

The eight method is fastidious about "taking the intention to be the". The idea is as important as the marshal in the war. He commanded the Lord, and all things in the army were under his command. Eyes are like pioneers. Like a knife platoon, walk in front of the line, the head, reconnaissance enemy, return command. So that the handsome of the army to develop strategic tactics, command the battle, overcome the enemy. So the practice of eight to the Italian collar gas, Command gas operation, is the gas Shen Hara, is up to the palm or the fingers, or a certain point or ... To the force, to practice internal force, so that the internal force of the palm, or to reach the shoulder, or up to ... The exercise and transformation of the Palm Law with the idea of command. It's all about boxing. Therefore, more than the hands of the "Italian Marshal, eyes for the Pioneer", with the idea of command and defense of all things, to achieve the goal of defeating the enemy. Therefore, one of the characteristics of Eight's martial arts is "the field of field marshal, eyes for the pioneer."

Six or six to one, boldly successful

Eight is an internal palmar technique. "Wenan of the cemetery" in the memory of the "daily practice of stabbing and retreat of the law, practicing God guide the work of Qi." Here the "stabbing and retreat of the law" refers to the martial arts, "Practice God Guide Qi" refers to the QI. Eight outside the shoulder, across, elbow, knee, hand, foot coordination of the method of change, within the strength of the combination and strength. Thus the eight law is the palm law of the internal and external Liuhe and Liuhe.

The so-called "Liuhe" refers to the hands and feet, elbow and knee joint, shoulder and cross, that is, outside the triad, meaning and gas, gas and force, force and meaning, said within the Triad.

Triad is in the waist of the master, up and down action coordinated, hands and feet to the side of the truth. Triad is in the mind of the commander-in-chief, to the idea of the gas, to the capacity of the Body to guide force: to the Italian collar gas, gas shen Hara, gas all over nature.

Practice Eight is to practise Italy, QI, force, outside practice waist, hand, foot. All these must be under the control of the mind to reach up and down, inside and outside of the coordination and unity, this is the "Liuhe to one". But to achieve "Liuhe to one", must have the practice of perseverance, the elderly months long, deep-rooted, can succeed, this is Kung fu. Practice Eight is to practice "Liuhe to One" Kung Fu, no such kungfu, compared to hand when not handy, not talk to experts, not to mention Masters.

Practice eight, has reached the "Liuhe to one" realm, whether it really can overcome the enemy? Some people are very kind-hearted, do not want to hurt people, some people know that they have kung fu, afraid to hurt people and dare not shot. But in the heart a good, hand a good, shot left a sense don't want to hurt people, but was injured by the enemy, this example is not uncommon in martial Arts. This is the veteran talked "good people mo Move" truth. However, today, we practice the purpose of eight is not to bully people, not to do bad things, the practice of eight should have martial morality, should have the responsibility to be righteous, but also learn some of their own self-defense skills, in front of the enemy is not soft, can let go is "boldly successful" also.

Seven, the true meaning of attack and defense, all in it

After years of practice, can be moved to the palm of the law, to go for use, oblique out forward, away from the shadow, softness, the actual situation, the Ming legs, the seven fist mutual use, meaning for the marshal, the eye for the pioneer, Liuhe to one, boldly successful, eight can be said to have practiced home, compared to hand when it will be handy, arbitrary, the true meaning of attack and defense , all in it. As long as we practice hard, painstaking study of understanding, under the guidance of the teacher, it is not difficult to reach the above realm.