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Bionic And Bodybuilding Of The Xingyi

Human in the long-term production activities and social practice, very early imitation and use of animal shape and posture, creating a variety of fitness activities.

In the traditional martial arts in China, there are many schools of boxing and action posture is imitating the shape of animal movements, pictographic meaning and produced and developed. The shape Italian boxing is one of the three famous schools in the martial arts inner fist system. As the name implies, the meaning of ideographic boxing is pictographic meanings. The Shape Italy boxing contains the dragon, the Tiger, the Monkey, the horse, the 鼍, the chicken, the Harrier, Yan, the snake, the bird Taiwan, the eagle, the bear and so on 12 kinds of animal's physique movement, is commonly known as the 12 shape. With the five-way boxing method of splitting, collapsing, drilling, cannon and transverse, it forms a kind of action softness, form and spirit, both inside and outside, with unique sports style characteristics and higher fitness boxing. "Three practices and Liuhe" in practice. "Three practice" that is to practice the essence of Qi, practice gasification God, practice deified virtual. Through the "three training" to achieve easy bone, easy tendon, easy pulp fitness role. "Liuhe" is the heart and the meaning of the combination, meaning and qi, qi and Force and (triad), hands and feet, elbow and knee, shoulder and hip joint (outside Triad). Through the "Liuhe" to achieve the purpose of Chi-ji, the form of God, both inside and outside unity. Long-term adherence to the form of Italian boxing exercises, can enhance the strength, speed and physical durability of the body, is conducive to strong muscle bones, has a higher fitness value, really is the Chinese nation's precious outstanding cultural heritage.