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Beginner Of Qigong Introduction To Knowledge

Beginner of Qigong Introduction to Knowledge
We know that long-term mental unpleasantness or tension will make people appear a variety of body lesions. This kind of mental factors as a result of induced physical illness, was psychosomatic medicine named psychosomatic disease. For example, mental stress can cause digestive disease in some people. Early can only manifest as gastrointestinal disorders, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, swallow acid and other symptoms. If the mental stress can not be alleviated for a long time, the disease may be developed by the dysfunction to the gastrointestinal mucosal erosion, into organic disease, become the digestive system ulcers. This is a psychological - physiological - morphological response to the direction of the development of the results of the lesion. On the contrary, to maintain a happy spirit, will make the body system functions to maintain a coordinated and orderly state, so that the body immune disease resistance enhancement, which play a fitness disease prevention and treatment of physical diseases. This is the body of psychological - physiological - morphological response to the development of the process conducive to the healthy development of the body. Qigong exercise can make this mechanism strengthened.
We know that practicing Qigong to achieve good results, requiring practitioners must be into the static state. The so-called static state, is the practitioner to play the consciousness of initiative, relax the mind and body, eliminate distractions, so that consciousness gradually from a sober into a sleepy sleep, wake up wake up the state of the process. Relaxation and exclusion of distractions mainly by self-suggestion method. For example, it was a big day, standing on the loess of the ground practice, you can imagine in the moonlight, such as the quiet night, standing in the river forest trees in the green grass, imagine their own body like pine as tall and straight stand ... ... will bring their own Into a self-created mood of the relaxed and happy to go. After such a long training, and gradually form a conditioned reflex, and then practice, you will soon make consciousness into the static state. This kind of sleepiness, non-sleep, like a wake-up state of the psychological physiological mechanism, but a self-suggestion and self-hypnosis. Into the static deep, the practitioners only know that they are practicing Qigong, the brain in addition to self-knowledge of this area to maintain a sober excitement, the other part of the active similar to the sleep-like high efficiency rest restraint state, Qigong term called " One mind on behalf of million read. " Clinical and experimental results show that when the human body in this state, from the subjective practitioners will feel very comfortable, the body is very comfortable, very open mind, the whole body and mind are in an effective relaxation and good feelings. From the objective can be detected in this state of mind will directly affect the neuroendocrine function of the activities, and thus affect the body of the functional activities of the system toward the coordinated and orderly direction, play the role of fitness and treatment. This psychological - physiological - morphological process, as well as with the breathing and exercise exercise, is an important mechanism of Qigong effect. But also the essence of traditional Qigong. So we say that Qigong is a science of human beings looking for fitness methods within itself, and is a method and science with self-mental and physical training with Chinese cultural characteristics.
What are the benefits of practicing Qigong?
"Disease treatment, disease-free physical", which is the summary of the role of Qigong predecessors. In recent years, with the widespread spread of Qigong, millions of practice practice to further confirm the role of qi and AIDS prevention and treatment of the summary of the summary. The following describes the benefits of practicing Qigong on health.
1, preventive health care: "Yellow Emperor" said: "righteousness memory, evil can not dry", "spirit of the defenders, sick from the past." This shows that practicing Qigong has a disease prevention, health and physical role. Modern research has proved that practicing Qigong has obvious elimination of physical and mental fatigue, restore physical strength and energy, improve work efficiency, enhance the body immunity, prevention of disease and so on. With the development of society, people's daily life is getting faster and faster, psychological tension is also increasing with each other. Long-term psychological tension will reduce the body's immune system, causing the body's physiological dysfunction, leading to functional and even organic disease. Therefore, good at the tempered in the rhythm of learning to relax in a timely manner, fitness and disease prevention are very necessary. Qigong exercise can effectively play this role. Practice has proved that long-term practice of people are not easy to fatigue, usually always energetic, rarely suffering from colds and other diseases.