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Baguazhang Pile Work

Eight piles of Baguazhang

Baguazhang Pile Work

Pile work, also known as Jinggong, is a common form of qigong practice, baguazhang a total of eight piles, there are taiji pile, two instruments pile, three just pile, four-like pile, five-way pile, six-way pile, seven-star pile, gossip pile. Baguazhang of fixed-step pile practice in the direction of the time is the center of the circle of the back circle in the figure on the point of practice, the time is located in the direction of the map Ⅳ of the branches of the gossip map.

According to the location of the time to exercise, then shun the air of the world, the real gas in the body, in order to make the day consistent and suitable for nature, the final transport of the gas can be pure, hard progress will be rapid.

1.Taiji Pile

Position by hour, back to the circle, feet and shoulder width, legs, the whole body down standing, hands for the lower abdomen, the left hand in the Hara, right hand on the left hand (female counter), including chest dial, binocular micro-closed, eyes in the hara, such as Figure 8─1. Main points: Relax the whole body, tongue to reach the palate, mandibular recovery, head top, neck hanging, the spine is, each station more than 30 minutes.

Taiji pile for the internal strength of the entry pile, the main practice meditation and point firelight.

2.Two-meter pile

According to the hour positioning, back to the circle, two feet and shoulders with the same width, toe buckle into the inside of the eight knees, two knee-like squat.

The right arm and the left arm in front of the chest (female reverse) into a double elbow bending at the heart of the place; left hand to right, thumb to the right shoulder, palm fingertips to the right, palm oblique downward, right hand small count on left axillary fingertips left, palm oblique upward, palm pointing straight, thumb points, hands do not focus. The intention is to adopt the Qi of the sun to the right elbow, the gas into the left hand heart flow to the left-hand side of the elbow, the two elbows of the gas into the heart of the Char point into the body, down to the pubic region, at the same time, the sun's gas through the head of the body straight down the belly of the char of the gas downward, the yin of the gas through the feet of the bottom of the two legs upward in the perineum confluence upward into the hara. Three of limbs of qi mixed with the pubic region flow refining.

As shown in Figure 8─2. Main points: breathe evenly and naturally, inhale airway into elbow Bend, perineum, Char Place, exhale from three places into the hara. Relax all over, no effort, chest containing, back dial, tongue to the palate. Two-meter pile is a pile type which regulates yin-yang balance in the body of Yin and yang, which has a great help to the yin-yang fluctuation in vivo.

9 minutes per station.

3.Three Stakes

By the hour positioning, back to the circle, the left foot in the front right foot in the rear (left-style) feet distance of about three feet long, the left toe is right in front of the right toe inside buckle oblique forward 45 degrees. The legs are slightly curved to ride the Dragon step, the front leg bow, hind pedal, the center of gravity in the two feet between the rear 1/3 places. Left arm up to the chest, the palm of the hand into the palm of the hand, the palm refers to the high and shoulder, fall elbow, collapse wrist, the right hands into the palm of the 右肋 right behind the right elbow after the left, the right shoulder buckle, the head from the palm of the eye to see.

As shown in Figure 8─3. Main points: shoulder, elbow, collapse wrist, round crotch, spine, mandibular recovery, suspended overhead, intending to hold a ball on the left arm. Right bladder clasp a ball, two legs between the clip a ball want to squeeze and pressure. Three only pile for the strength of the pile, the shoulder arm, waist and leg power increase and the solid internal organs have a greater role.

More than 9 minutes per station.

4.Four elephant piles

According to the hour positioning, the back of the circle, the feet are slightly wider, squat knees into a horse stance, double toe buckle knee outside support, arms flat lift round hold in front of the chest into the palm outward, four refers to natural separation, the jaws of a round, elbow tip outside support. Include chest, round back, buttocks introverted, visual front. Intent to hold a large ball with arms clasp, to squeeze and squeeze it, its desire to support without making it open.

As shown in Figure 8─4. Main points: shoulder round arm, thigh squat to level, upper body as far as possible upright, head neck hanging, waist back brace round, wrist buckle, four fingertips relative spacing for a palm distance, four elephant pile for training leg strength and shoulder arm strength of the pile. Request to stand for more than 9 minutes.

5.Five-star Pile (V-heart pile)

According to the hour positioning, knees closer to the ground knee, knees, feet back on both sides of the crotch, buttocks sitting on the ground, feet on the back of the feet to make arch upward, hands palm upward ten points relative to the knee on the thigh. upper body upright, with chest dial back, sit down, the eye is slightly closed, eyes see the Hara, the intention around the true gas with the inhalation from the pinion shaft (hundred) and both hands heart, double foot suction body into the hara coagulation, while the body of the turbid gas from the body flow to five heart in the breath out of the body outside.

As shown in Figure 8─5. Main points: Relax all over the body, focus on the mind, breathe slowly and naturally, tongue to the palate, head hanging, knees as close as possible.

Ask for more than 30 minutes of practice.

6.Liuhe Pile

According to the hour positioning, back to the center, feet and shoulders with the same width, toe buckle both legs bend knee squat, two knees close, squat to the thigh level. The arms intersect, the elbows fall on both knees, the left arm is outside with the right arm, the left hand is on the outside of the shoulder, the palm is to the right, and the right hand is placed in the left axillary position to the palm to the left shoulder. Relax all over, tongue on top of the palate.

As shown in Figure 8─6. Main points: Head and neck integrity, intent to wrap arms tightly, toe buckle, shrink shoulder tight hips to make the shoulder hip consistency, double elbows and knees in the body tightly wrapped, standing more than 3 minutes.

This is a special practice of gossip palm wrapped in the two-strength pile.

7.Seven-star Pile

Position by hour, back to center, left foot in the front right foot (left), the center of gravity in the right foot, hands forward up, the left hand before the right hand, the palm oblique upward, the left palm high and eyebrow qi, the right palm placed on the inside of the left elbow, arms hold round, hands such as holding a big ball. Visual left palm.

As shown in Figure 8─7. Main points: Relax the whole body, the tongue on top of the palate, the intention to hold a big ball, index finger force, elbow fall, shoulder sink. Station for more than 6 minutes.

This pile is to practice the pile type of encircle strength.

8.Gossip pile

By the hour positioning, back to the center, two feet and shoulders with the same width, two knees, two feet inside buckle into eight steps. Hands into the ring in front of the chest, ten fingertips docking, the jaws of a circle into a small circle, arms and chest into a great circle, high and chest qi. As shown in Figure 8─8. The intention of both hands index finger and thumb circle on a gas column, counterclockwise rotation (female counter) up to the sky, the downlink through the ground. Left foot (female right) Yongquan point suction in the air along the outside side of the left leg upward, by left rib upward in the head over hundred will be right lateral downward, through the right leg outside the left side of the Yongquan point into a large circle. Keep this mental stereotype (the subconscious line).

The left hand Labor palace points in the gas into the left thumb belly, the right thumb belly through the jaws of the right index finger belly, through the left index finger belly into the left thumb into the circle to run into circles (two circles).

Keep this idea in mind.

The right hand in the breath column in the air into the right thumb root, through the right thumb into the left thumb into the inner arm, through the chest into the right arm through the inside of the right-hand index finger root (three circles).

Continued on the right index finger through the left arm through the left shoulder through the neck, through the right shoulder into the right arm of the lateral middle finger root (four round).

Continue on the right middle finger through the left middle finger into the left arm inside, over the chest into the right arm inside the root (five circles).

Continued on the right ring finger through the left ring finger into the outside left arm, through the back into the arm outside the little finger root (six circle).

Continued on the right little finger over the left little finger into the lower left hand, through the chest into the right arm of the lower side of the little finger root (seven round). Continued on the right little finger over the left little finger into the lower arm outside, through the back into the right arm outside the lower side into the right-hand palace (eight circle).

Back into three circles. So repeatedly the eight-circle operation, forming a interchange of the gas field, wrapped around the body.

This pile is the pile of mixed vitality. Main points: Relax the whole body, the tongue on top of the palate, mind concentration, running non-stop.

Station for more than 30 minutes. Baguazhang Eight is an important part of the baguazhang of internal strength, and the combination of the gossip to the palm work, static and dynamic complementarity, yin and yang, the body in the two kinds of work with the combination of the cultivation, the final pass through eight veins. Size Sunday.