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A Brief Introduction To The Concept Of Wing Chun Quan

Learn Wing Chun boxing to the gloves to the skill of the stage, it will be in-depth study of the new concept and content of Yong Chun. This aspect must be understood thoroughly, and must establish the correct concept which the practice should have, only then can have the rich harvest and obtains the ideal effect. This is what Yeh asked the guru to say about "mindfulness."

Yong Chun Boxing is not necessary to force as the key, the idea is to play the source of strength, practice to determine the importance of "mindfulness."

Practice Wing Chun Gloves, in addition to the study of the use of moves, can not ignore the basic concept of each set of boxing, such as "small idea", its moves can certainly attack and defense, and its weight is: The whole boxing method of recruitment is to promote the idea.

The General Beginners Yong Chun Boxing, each more pursuit of each of the moves how to apply, but ignored the fist method of the structure of the mechanical principle. More in-depth will be based on the principle of leverage analysis, and thought to be the highest technique in Wing Chun, in fact, but ignored the higher level of the idea of energy, did not explore the reasons for their labor, nor understand the role of Wing Chun in the dynamic structure of the effect.

The whole set of boxing method is driven by ideas, and the main concept of intention is not to be erected in order to exert the skill of exerting force. The most obvious trick is the bladder hand, can not be used under the pressure of the other side and the bridge hand easily thrown. It is said that this type is five Masters watch Fox cranes, see a single foot of the white Crane site, only with thin wings, to the rolling posture can go away opponents, and the white Crane is still standing on one foot, so that do not have to force, to the body light counterattack weight principle. The true creation fist idea whether such, is difficult to verify, but the Wing Chun method does not have to force, is the affirmation fact.

To achieve the requirements of Yong Chun Quan Idea, first of all, according to the main idea of the boxing, the fist into the Lianquan of the Act. Practicing Wing Chun will be a part of the enjoyment of life when it comes to discovering the power of the mind.