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Specialties: Wingchun, Mantis, Sun-style Taichi, Xingyi.

Master Li began learning martial arts from a folk master as a child. Since then he has been practicing martial arts for 25 years and teaching for 10. With a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience to use, he communicates very effectively with students and quickly varies and adapts his training to suit each individual.

Whilst he professionalizes  in Wingchun, Mantis, Sun-style Taichi and Xingyi, he also excels at applications and Chin na. Which, in turn,has furthered his deep understanding of transferring internal force into attack and defense skills.


In 2005, he received first place for Mantis at the Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition, held in Yantai. Later, in 2010, he was named Champion for Sun-style Taichi and Xingyi at the International Martial Arts Festival in Yantai.