Yin Style Bagua Palm

Penetrating palm accounts more in his attacking skills, Leg movements are stressed. The power alternates kindness with severity. With this unique style, later generations call it as "Yin style Bagua Palm", "Yin Style Baguazhang" or "Yin Style Bagua Hybrid Martial Arts".

Yin Style Bagua Hybrid Martial Arts (Yin Style Baguazhang)

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Within Bagua styles, the Yin Style is known as the “Hard Palm” style, as it is hard and powerful, using piercing direct movements. The Yin Style of Bagua makes use of the “Ox Tongue Palm”, in which the fingers are closed together and the thumb is tucked in. The steps are very natural, and there are four characteristic training methods: standing postures, turning (which means walking the circle), striking and changing. The system emphasises Bagua stepping, single technique training as well as combination training, from which forms and weapons can then be practiced.


The founder of Yin Style Bagua is Yin Fu, who was born in 1840 in Hebei province, and passed away at the age of 69. He moved to the capital due to poverty at a young age, where he lived at Chaoyang Gate and took many jobs such as selling scissors and selling doughsticks. When he was a child he had learnt Shaolin Fist, Luohan Fist and Tan Tui. At around the age of 20 he became a student of Bagua founder Dong Hai Chuan. After finishing his training he became well known and earned himself the nickname “Skinny Yin” due to his kind nature.


After completing his training, he began working as a security guard in Beijing’s Dong Chang Hutong’s Hutabu residence, Jian Gang Hutong’s Ying family, Chao Wai Middle Road’s Cang Hua House Wang Jiu Family as well as being employed by Chong Wai company. Later on, Funiyinbu (a Manchurian who’s Chinese name was Ye Qian), a renowned calligrapher, gave him an introduction to the Royal Palace where he gained the attention of the major eunuchs in the inner palace of the Emperor Guangxu himself.

In the winter of 1882, Dong Hai Chuan passed away, Yin Fu gathered together all the other students to have a memorial tablet erected on his grave. This tablet was the first written record of Bagua, and of Dong Hai Chuan’s life. Later on, Yin Fu spent his time at Chao Yang Gate teaching his art to many students and developing his art.


Yin Fu took on many students during his lifetime, some of the prominent ones included Ma Gui, Li Yong Qing, Ju Qing Yuan, Cui Zhen Dong, He Jin Kui, Yang Jun Feng, Liu Dong Cheng, Cao Zhong Sheng, Men Bao Zhen, Zeng Ceng Qi, Gong Bao Tian and Liu Qing Fu. It was through students such as these that the art spread widely.

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