Study Bagua Plam In China Shengjingshan:Gong Type Baguazhang Qinggong Practice Method

Brisk will be stable for the foundation, otherwise such as deciduous duckweed without root; stable and will be brisk for performance, otherwise, such as clay sculpture of the sluggish, so gossip boxing station pile, go brick, run wall board, jump bunker, set doors, walk 簸箩, with iron tile sand...

Brisk will be stable for the foundation, otherwise such as deciduous duckweed without root; stable and will be brisk for performance, otherwise, such as clay sculpture of the sluggish, so gossip boxing station pile, go brick, run wall board, jump bunker, set doors, walk 簸箩, with iron tile sand clothes, etc., although qinggong, but is first seeking stability, and then speak brisk.

"Standing Pile" The tactic Yue: "Stand like nails, line as the wind", if the two legs of people to distinguish between the center of gravity, only three kinds of changes, that is, ﹝ center of gravity in the former and center of gravity in the ﹞, the pile of gossip boxing is frugal into these three kinds: "Riding step", "Archer Step" and "
Include the machine step, each pile step has the fixed step and the living step practice method, the latter must orally the body to teach, the text is difficult to be clear, here only agreed the step practice method.

* Riding Steps (short stance)


1. The woman's step is as wide as the shoulder, and the man's step is slightly wider than the following criteria.

2. Leg vertical, not askew, so that the ankle and knee joints in the positive position, the force on average.

3. The center of gravity sits in the hip, and the lower and lower hips relax.

4. Sink the waist (kidney), sit crotch, suck crotch.

5. The shoulder sinks and then opens, the elbow is raised flat and falls, the palms close and pushes forward.

6. Head integrity, eye head-up.

7. The upper body is loose in the hips and the breathing is naturally gentle.

* Bow and arrow steps (short lunge, also known as climbing steps or lunge)


1. Two-leg root buckle, forefoot transverse, hind foot straight, Cheng Ding style.

2. The medial thigh is attached to the crotch, and the bone plate is forward.

3. Front shank upright, hind legs from the root down straight, heel can not leave.

4. The forefoot erect, the palm margin pushes forward, four fingers close together, the Tiger's head is full, the palm is sucked toward front, the fingertip and the nose are high.

5. The back Palm index finger oblique to the front elbow tip, the palm outside presses.

6. Two elbow clamp, forward push, shoulder open.

7. The rest is the same as riding steps.

* Include machine step


1. Two legs to the crotch buckle, front and rear toes are forward, into a straight line.

2. The front leg is placed on the hind leg and the bone plate is forward.

3. After the center of gravity recoil, after the calf as far as possible to seek its integrity, front toe point.

4. Palm arm with bow and arrow steps.

5. The rest is the same as riding steps.

* Swing button

Although the pendulum step is to take the palm of the gait, but the fact that the gossip fist to help the body, to the body to help the arm, to arm to help the palm, all changes to the pendulum buckle first.

1. Pendulum step: The leg outward twist, the foot pointed outward is for the pendulum step, the front leg if pendulum, hind leg is buckle.

2. Buckle step: The leg is screwed inward, the foot is pointed inward is for the buckle step, the front leg if buckle, hind leg can swing can buckle.

3. The buckle in the crotch is not the foot.

4. The pendulum buckle walks to hind leg to stick the front leg, the beginner request hind foot raises treads before the knee, the calf straight, sits in the hip.

"Walking Bricks"

"Brick" is a common thing in the past farmhouse, inexpensive, easy to use, and brick has two to three sides ~ narrow and wide, plane, side and façade, a total of six changes can be used, so in the latter part of the station pile began to "stand bricks", to the bottom of the feet can be integrated strong, and "push the palm" slightly after a fire Hou can start to "walk bricks."

The "Walking brick" was initially surrounded by 12 to 16 bricks in a circle, in order to take the main point of walking in the brick, the area of the brick more small, the order is the positive and narrow surface → is the width of the side of the narrow face → side-wide face → narrow face → vertical side.

"Stand brick" and "walk brick" because the bricks are not fixed on the ground, so you can test the direction of the site is correct, if the pace is not "flat off", bricks are easily dumped, academics should be step-by-step to avoid injury.

"Run the Wall Board" The doors of the past were hard and thick, they put the door on the wall of the courtyard, tilted the bottom and ran up and down, finally can run the wall, this is the so-called "Feiyanzoubi" of "Walking Wall" Kung Fu, run wall kungfu end Lai legs fast and lift gas, the grasp of the center of gravity is also the focus of practice, the general wall can run on three steps can be used "

Cornices "Kung Fu up, this is to be small practice, youth later on.

"Jump Bunker." Under the bunker is soft, people have to jump up in the bunker is not easy, so the initial practice of lifting gas, that is, standing on the ground, do not bend the knee, do not move the ankle and can bounce the body, with this foundation can be shallow and deep to jump the bunker, must not be impatient greedy work, according to my teacher, three teacher Bo Gong Son is therefore the ear practice is broken


"Door Doors"

This is also the door to play a game, they will be two pieces of door set up after letting go, the practitioner to the door before the floor will be upright, so fast shuttle in the two door between the door, the more distance between the doors, Kung fu the better, it is not easy.

"Go 簸箩."

"簸箩" is a bamboo-made oblate descriptor, similar to a large dish, "Oborta" can take the palm of the 簸箩 circle and 簸箩 will not overturn, this is not a practice, but a manifestation of qinggong.

"Iron tile Sand Clothes" In practice before the Qinggong project, you can increase the weight of the body, this is the "Iron tile Sand clothing" function, but use to adopt a gradual approach, and added to the body than in the limbs better, no teacher guidance, not to try.

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