Liang Style Bagua Palm

Liang Style Bagua Palm

Liang style Bagua Palm Liang Zhenpu, borned in 1863, once did spring kick and later did business in Beijing. He asked to be the disciple of Dong Haichuan to learn Bagua Palm.He inherited Dong’s skills and communicated experiecnces with his brothers who were all disciples of Dong Haichun....

Liang style Bagua Palm

Liang Zhen Pu, courtesy name Shao Ting, was born on 5th February, 1863, and passed away on 13th August 1932 and was the second generation of Bagua. Liang Zhen Pu studied martial arts from a young age and was said to be incredibly gifted.


Liang Zhen Pu was from Hebei Province, and started with Tan Tui style as a child. At the age of 13, he came to Beijing as a tailors apprentice, earning the nickname “Tailor Liang”. At the age of 16, he became a student of Dong Hai Chuan, in the hope that he could cure himself of a serious illness. He trained incredibly hard, and became one of the top disciples of Dong Hai Chuan. In his later years, he became the consultant for the Hebei National Martial Arts School.


Master Liang was an incredibly honourably man, and he really hated injustice. In his hometown were four well known thugs. One one trip home, he heard of these thugs who nobody dared stand up to. Master Liang used the deceptive techniques of his Bagua to beat them all up, and restore peace to town.


Another well-known story about Master Liang was the incident where he killed the hooligan Zhao Liu. Zhao Liu was a local toughman based in the west of Beijing. The workers around the Majiabao Train Station were desperate to deal with him, and so invited Master Liang to come and work for them. This angered Zhao Liu, and so he gathered a huge gang of people armed with knives and sticks to chase Master Liang away. Master Liang was forced to fight them, and using his Nine Section Steel Whip, he killed Zhao Liu and twenty others and injured ten more. The remainder fled. After the event was over, Master Liang turned himself into the police. He then decided to retire back to his hometown in Hebei and quietly teach students.

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